Udu Drums

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In addition to her sculptural pieces Jennifer also builds traditional Nigerian Udu drums.

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Udu drums are a traditional ceramic instrument from Nigeria. They were first brought to the US in the 1970's by professor Abbas Ahuwan at an African Pottery workshop. Attending that workshop was Frank Giorgini, author of Handmade Tiles, who is now "considered the designer of the modern Udu drum" and anyone interested in purchasing Udu Drums should go to www.udu.com

Jennifer at the 2009 Udu Drum Workshop at Giorgini Studios.

Above: Udini's are a small hand-held Udu drum hybrid's designed by Frank Giorgini, Jennifer made these at his 2009 Udu workshop.

Right: Jennifer's largest and deepest sounding Udu drum, the reds and greens are achieved with terra sigilatas.